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Barbecued Bois d'Arc (Bodock) Balls
July 02, 2009
Bob Raymond  
difficult | 12 servings | prep: 3 hours, 10 minutes | cook: 1 hour

This takes a bit of work but is worth the effort.
Bois D'Arc balls grow on a tree and are common from the midwest to the south and ripen in early fall. Whole Foods often has them in stock.

4 fresh bodock balls

water as needed

canola oil



2 eggs beaten with 1tsp beer

Ritz cracker crumbs mixed with 1oz of your favorite bbq sauce

cinnamon sugar for dusting

Prick holes in balls with sharp knife

Preheat oven to 450

Place balls on cookie sheet lined with parchment paper

that has been greased on both sides.

Place in middle rack of oven and reduce temperature to


Bake for 15 minutes.

Remove from oven and wrap in foil that has been sprayed with Pam.

Place on lower rack of oven and bake for another 15 min.

Turn-off oven and leave balls in oven for at least one hour.

Remove balls, unwrap and quarter. (They are still a bit hard to slice so be careful).

Fill boiler with enough water to cover balls. Bring to a boil and turn-off the burner. Allow balls to sit in water for 15 min.

Drain and re-wrap in foil and place in freezer until frozen.

Remove balls from freezer, unwrap and microwave on low for 2 min.

Dip balls in egg mixture and roll in crumbs.

Put enough oil in boiler to fill about halfway. Heat oil to

frying temp. and drop balls in hot oil. Allow to brown

nicely and then remove balls and drain on paper towels.

Put balls on wooden chopping block and pound flat with

a mallet.

Dust with cinnamon sugar mixed with a dash of cayenne.

Serve hot or cold. Delicious with seafood.

Original author/site:

adapted from "Down Here Men Don't Cook".


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