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Candy Sleighs
August 18, 2013
Susan Elston  
easy | 0 servings | prep:  | cook:

For each sleigh, you will need:

2 candy canes

1 standard Kit Kat bar

10 Hersheys miniatures bars

Other materials:

Hot glue gun

Holiday ribbon and bow

Use the photo as a placement guide during sleigh assembly.

Run a line of hot glue down the leg of each candy cane; place Kit Kat bar on glue and gently press into place. (The candy canes are the sleigh's "rails," and the Kit Kat bar is the sleigh base.)

Using just a small dot of glue to hold each miniature candy bar in place, stack the miniatures bars on the Kit Kat in a pyramid-like structure, with 4 mini bars on the first layer, then 3 bars in the next layer, then 2 bars, and finally 1 bar.

Use small dots of glue to hold ribbon in place. Top it all off with a bow and enjoy.


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